Toilet Drain Cleaning in Mounds View, Minnesota

When your toilet overflows, count on Stars and Pipes to help you clear your toilet out and clean your plumbing system. We offer complete drain cleaning for all residential and commercial properties in Mounds View, Minn. and the surrounding area.

You can count on us for fast service, competitive rates, and work of the highest caliber. We utilize the most advanced technology in the industry so that can perform top-notch work on any plumbing system. If your home or business’s toilet drain(s) need a thorough cleaning, schedule a service today.

Why Is Your Toilet Clogging Up?

There are several reasons why your toilet may be clogged, including:

The only things you should flush down a toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Even facial tissues can be a big problem. They’re not made to break down in water the same way that toilet paper is. Objects that do not belong in a toilet include tampons, sanitary pads, cotton swabs, condoms, dental floss, and diapers.
If the vent becomes clogged or blocked, your toilet will flush slowly. The reduced velocity means larger loads don’t quite get cleaned thoroughly, leading to a recurring clog problem and forcing you to become friends with your plunger.
You may also have a sewer line problem. Tree roots can grow into the sewer line under the ground and create a backup. Or there can be a partial clog in a sewer line that is never quite removed when you plunge.
If you have an older low-flow toilet, it may not have enough flushing power. When low-flow toilets first came out, they weren’t great, and many homeowners reported problems. Since then, manufacturers have much improved their design. However, some homes still have old models.

Our Process

Although some toilets are easy to clean, others present problems that only professionals should handle. We have a quick and easy process for breaking up the toughest blockage and getting the water to flow freely through the pipes:

  • Surface Cleaning | We begin by feeding an auger into the toilet. This procedure clears out the blockage and gets the toilet flowing again. It’s a quick process that allows us to perform the job efficiently so that you don’t have to wait.
  • Toilet Removal | In some cases, we may have to remove the toilet to get to the root of the problem. Toilet removal is a labor-intensive process that helps us find issues further down the line. The problem may be beyond the toilet. If so, it turns into a main line problem and not a toilet problem.
  • Main Line Cleaning | Our main line cleaning equipment can handle the toughest blockages. We will use a four-inch blade to clear out any blockages, and once the water is completely drained, we will insert our camera to ensure the line is clear and free from additional blockages, cracks, or breaks.
  • Camera Inspection | If we can’t clean out the pipes with an auger, then we send a camera inside to identify the problem deep within the main line to see what is blocking the pipe. The camera will help us find foreign objects and remove them.
  • Perform a Final Test | Once we clear out the blockage, we flush the toilet several times to make sure it is working. If there are any problems, we go back into the plumbing system to identify any severe issues inside or outside the main line. If there are no problems, then we complete the job.

Toilet Cleaning Service in Mounds View, Minnesota

If you are tired of your toilet clogging up or overflowing, contact Stars and Pipes today. We offer a wide range of drain cleaning services including toilet cleaning for both homes and commercial properties in the Mounds View area.

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