Camera Inspection

Plumbing Camera Inspections in Mounds View, Minnesota

Stars and Pipes offers complete camera inspection for home and business owners in Mounds View, Minn. and the surrounding area. By utilizing camera technology, we provide an efficient and cost-saving method for identifying issues and fixing the problem on site and on time.

Our experienced technicians utilize waterproof video equipment for hard-to-reach places, such as main lines and air vents. We have found that cameras are valuable for accessing main lines that are encased in concrete or located deep below a building's foundation.

Camera Inspection: A More Efficient Process

We can use plumbing cameras more easily in plumbing systems than traditional equipment. While standard drain cleaning equipment is still sufficient for finding and removing or fixing the blockages, breaks, or cracks in areas such as sinks and toilets, cameras are a better option for areas where we may have a difficult time gaining access.

We insert a flexible rod into pipes that range from as small as three inches in diameter. The tip of the rod contains a high-definition camera. The camera captures and delivers high-definition video that is exceptionally clear and vivid.

A camera can produce a video or photo clear enough for us to determine what is going on in your piping and plumbing system. We can capture all digital media on a separate device and use it to formulate a diagnosis and strategy for solving the issue.

Digital imaging allows us to give you a detailed report of what is blocking the main line and how we can fix it.

We Get It Right the First Time, Every Time

Cameras eliminate guesswork from the drain cleaning process. When we don’t have to guess what is happening in your pipes, we can get straight to the problem, fix it, and be on our way. Higher efficiency means reduced labor costs and zero wasted time on the job. We can pass the savings on to you.

We Provide Premier Customer Service

The reason we use advanced camera technology is that it allows us to do a better job of serving you in the following ways:

Camera inspections allow us to clean drains faster. We can arrive at your home promptly and get the job in the same day. It means less wait time for you.
If you’ve ever felt frustrated that a drain cleaner didn’t fix the drain right the first time, you will appreciate the skill with which we can pinpoint blockage in the pipes and clean them out. We get the job done right the first time, every time.
Cameras prevent us from digging into the ground, sticking equipment into the system or making a big mess. We put down a drop cloth on every job to ensure sewage doesn’t get anywhere in or around your home.
Camera inspection allows us to show you the problem so that you get a first-hand look. We follow it up with a detailed report. We can also show you how to eliminate the blockage in the future so you can save money on repair costs.

Cameras Will Not Hurt Your Pipes

The cameras and tools used during our inspection process will not harm or damage your pipes. They’re an ideal solution because we can more easily find the blockages, cracks, or breaks in your plumbing system. Our trained technicians can easily slide the camera down to the affected area and then pull it out to survey the damage. The best part? We can use cameras in both metal and PVC pipes.

Camera inspection Services in Mounds View, Minnesota

At Stars and Pipes, we provide you with the highest level of customer service anywhere in the Mounds View, Minn. area. We utilize the most advanced equipment to take care of the problems that are backing up your piping system.

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