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Sewer Drain Cleaning in Mounds View, Minnesota

If your sewer system is backed up and causing problems with your plumbing, contact Stars and Pipes today. We offer a full sewer cleaning service for homes and commercial properties all over the Mounds View area.

You can count on us for efficient service, affordable rates that stay within your budget, and work that you can trust. We offer long-term, low-cost solutions to save you money down the road. If your home or business’s sewer drains are in need of a thorough cleaning, schedule a service today.

Sewer Systems We Work On

We work a variety of sewer-related systems for homes and businesses, such as:

Depending on the access to this line, we usually clean the inside of the main line from the back of the house. The main line is the big four-inch pipe that professionals call a stack. The line starts in the toilet and goes straight down into the ground toward the front of the house. We identify the blockage in the pipes using a specialized camera.
We perform a camera inspection to determine where the obstruction is and how far it is down the line. We then pull the camera back and run a sewer machine through. We then run an extended cable down the line to clear out the roots and blockage.
We start by using an auger to clear out the blockage. If the clog is too large for the auger, we will lift the toilet and send our camera inside the toilet to search for foreign objects and remove them.
In most cases, there is a calcium buildup in the urinal that causes the blockage. We will remove the urinal to clear out the obstruction with either a blade or specialized acid to break up the calcium deposits.

Camera Inspection for Any System

Sometimes it can be difficult to locate or identify a problem in your plumbing systems. Traditional methods for assessing blockages are not always accurate, regardless of a plumber's experience or skill.

Camera inspections can solve this problem in many ways. Stars and Pipes technicians feed a camera into a pipe or the main line to get an up-close look at the clogged pipe. The camera gives us a high-definition clear video or photo of the blockage and where it’s clogging up the pipe. Once we make an assessment, we provide a report to you and then fix the problem.

By utilizing camera equipment, we can speed up the drain cleaning process and save you time and money after we complete the job.

Why You Should Choose Stars and Pipes

At Stars and Pipes, we believe that every customer deserves dignity and respect. Therefore, we perform every job promptly without charging high rates to perform to do the job.

We listen carefully to your concerns and then address the problem head-on. Once we figure out what is wrong, we give you an accurate, honest report without exaggerating the issue. We also tell what our rates are upfront. You can call us or check our website to find out how much you are going to pay for our service.

When you hire Stars and Pipes, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with every aspect of our work.

Sewer Cleaning Service in Mounds View, MN

If you are looking for a sewer cleaning service you can rely on, then contact Stars and Pipes drain cleaning service today. We provide high-end cleaning for both homes and commercial properties in the Mounds View, Minn. area. If you are experiencing an emergency, we can send out a technician right away.

To schedule service with one of our technicians, please call or text 763-350-3601. You can also message us on our contact page.

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