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Laundry Tub Drain Cleaning in Mounds View, Minnesota

If you have a laundry tub where you hand wash your clothing, you may have recently noticed that the drain is clogged or that is standing water in the tub. If so, contact Stars and Pipes. We offer complete laundry tub drain cleaning services for both homes and businesses in the Mounds View, Minn. area.

You can count on us for courteous service, affordable, flat rates, and first-rate work that solves the problem. To find out more about our company, or to schedule drain cleaning, call us today at 763-350-3601.

Why the Laundry Tub is Backing Up


The drains for the washing machine and laundry tub sink empty into the main line. If a blockage develops, it restricts the airflow, and the water flow significantly slows down. You may not notice the slow flow until the washing machine drains, because it actively pumps a large volume of water into the pipes. Therefore, if you are using the washing machine and the laundry tub at the same time, the water may back up into the sink. If this happens, it’s obvious there is a blockage in the pipes.

Our Laundry Tub Cleaning Process

Our laundry tub cleaning process is as follows:

How to proceed with cleaning the laundry tub depends on where we locate the blockage and identify what it is that’s preventing the water from flowing freely through the pipes.
If your laundry tub is downstairs, it is at the lowest point in the plumbing system. Therefore, the water is likely to back up in the area. If the blockage isn’t in the floor drain, we may locate it in the main line.
Lint is one of the biggest problems for a laundry tub and washing machine drain. We will clean out the trap and run the line through the pipes. We will then use a drill (corkscrew) to clean out the laundry tub to clear out the lint buildup. If the blockage is tougher than lint, we’ll use a blade to clear out the sludge.

Why You Should a Hire Professional

A laundry tub drain can present a wide range of problems that are difficult to solve on your own. We recommend hiring a Stars and Pipes professional to come in and clean severe blockage in the laundry tub or washing machine pipes.

If the problem exists further on down the line or in the sewage area, we will need to perform extensive tests and use industry-grade equipment. This procedure is something that you may not be able to do yourself.

Why Hire Stars and Pipes?

As a home or business owner in Mounds View, Minnesota or the surrounding area, you expect nothing less than the best for your plumbing system. Therefore, you should trust the technicians you hire to perform consistent, exceptional work without paying excessive fees.

At Stars and Pipes, we understand the concerns of our clients. That is why we offer low rates, industry-leading work, and friendly, prompt customer service. In addition, we take the time to educate our customers on their home’s plumbing and piping issues. When you know how to prevent a problem from occurring in your system, you will save money on future repairs and maintenance.

Our certified, skilled technicians provide long-term solutions for drain problems so you don’t have to call us back time and again. Experience the benefits of partnering with Stars and Pipes to clear out your drains.

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