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Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning in Mounds View, Minnesota

At Stars and Pipes, we locate clogs in kitchen drains and then work to provide a solution to any problem. Our service extends to both residential and commercial properties in the Mounds View area.

We utilize modern methods to tackle some of the most challenging drain cleaning jobs in all types of piping systems. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and our proven techniques, we can pinpoint the source of the blockage, and quickly remove it from the plumbing system.

Unlike traditional drain cleaning companies, we narrow our focus to include drain cleaning only. That way we can provide the highest level of work possible. Our experienced technicians back up our work and do not finish a job until you are completely satisfied.

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Common Kitchen Drain Issues

Your kitchen is the busiest room in your house. A lot of food and other materials go down the drain, and although your garbage disposal can grind up the food, it’s often not enough to stop waste from blocking the pipes.

Some of the most common drain issues include:

A weak stream of water means that your system is experiencing low water pressure. The leading cause of the low water pressure could be a clogged aerator. Dissolved minerals like calcium build up in the small openings in the aerator.
Every kitchen sink has a grease. The trap prevents odors and sewer gasses from entering your kitchen. It works due to gravity force. Because of its particular shape, this trap can get filled with soap and grease that will eventually clog the sink or create leaking issues.
If you have a garbage disposal, the drain in your kitchen is more likely to become clogged. Most homeowners do not use adequate water to flush waste down the garbage disposal. Food particles can build up in the pipe under the sink and prevent water from draining correctly.

Why You Should Call a Professional

Some drain problems run deeper than meets the eye. While pouring a chemical down the drain may provide a short-term solution, it doesn’t necessarily solve the real problem down the pipes.

A seasoned technician has the experience and the equipment necessary to identify the real problem and then provide a long-term solution so that you don’t keep spending money trying to fix clean out the pipes.

Stars and Pipes goes one step further by educating our clients for how to prevent drain problems. We can show you exactly what is wrong and walk you through the process of taking care of your drain system. We believe in helping our clients.

24/7 Emergency Drain Cleaning Service

The kitchen is one of the areas where water leaks and overflowing occur the most. When it happens, the water can destroy the house. For this reason, we offer 24/7 emergency drain cleaning service for both homes and business in the area.

When you call us, we can send a technician to your home or business right away compete with all tools and equipment necessary to perform the work.

Schedule Drain Cleaning in Mounds View, MN

If you are tired of clogged and leaking drains in your home’s piping systems, contact Stars and Pipes today. We offer a full range of drain cleaning services that solve any blockage problem.

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