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Bathtub Drain Cleaning in Mounds View, Minnesota

Whether you own a home or business, we can help you clean your bathtub drain and fully restore your system. Bathtub drains can sometimes be stubborn to clean out. We have the equipment and the skill necessary to clean out even the toughest blockage in the line.

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Signs of a Backed-Up Bathtub Drain

It is not always easy to identify the root of a blocked drain. There could be one issue or a combination of problems that have built up over time. However, there are several ways you can tell if you have a backed up bathtub:

Gurgling occurs as a result of a blocked drain or vent pipe; in extreme cases, a collapsed or damaged pipe can cause gurgling, as well. This buildup can cause the water to drain slower than usual.
If there is severe blockage in the main line, the water and waste will back up in other lines in the home, as well.
Sometimes the water will back up and then drain again leaving a residue around the drain cap.
Bathtubs contain a lot of water so that you can take a bath. If you notice that the water doesn’t drain at all, that means there is a severe blockage that needs to be taken care of immediately.

The technicians at Stars and Pipes observe these problems every day. We can find the right solution to clean out your tub drains and get the water flowing once again.

The Bathtub Drain Cleaning Process

The first step to cleaning out a bathtub drain is looking for an access panel.

An access panel is a door, panel, or piece of plywood that can be easily removed to provide access to a shut-off valve, drain, or other plumbing part in which you need occasional access to clean out the drain. The most common place you’ll encounter an access panel is on the back side of the plumbing wall of a bathtub or shower.

Once we locate the panel, we check for leaks or damaged pipes in the system. If we find blockage in the plumbing, we run a line through the vents of the drain to clean out the pipes and restore flowing water from the bathtub drain to the main line.

24/7 Emergency Drain Cleaning Service

Emergencies can quickly happen in your home’s plumbing and piping system. Most emergencies include leaking or overflowing water that flows through the house. The longer you wait to fix the problem, the more damage the water can do to your home.

Therefore, if you have an emergency, try to turn off the valve that allows water to flow out of the fixture. Then, contact a Stars and Pipes technician to fix the problem. We have the tools and equipment necessary to perform an emergency job on site without having to reschedule.

No matter how severe your problem is, we can fix it and fully restore your plumbing and sewer system.

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At Stars and Pipes, we pride ourselves in offering fast, personal service at affordable, flat rates. We can perform drain cleaning for both homes and commercial properties in the Mounds View, Minnesota area. When you hire us, you can feel confident that you work with the best drain cleaning company in the business.

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