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At Stars and Pipes, our experienced technicians value the core principles that guide our company. We get the job done right the first time, and we do everything with our customers’ best interests in mind. We treat others as we want others to treat us.

When you contact us to clean your bathroom drain, we provide dependable service, honest and accurate estimates, and quality work that you can depend. We offer fixed rates so you always know what to expect with every drain cleaning job. To find out more about our drain cleaning services, call us today at 763-350-3601.

Bathroom Drain Services We Offer

When you have problems with your home’s piping system in the bathroom, there could be more than one cause for the backup. Bathroom drains that we work on include:

The sink drain catches many objects such as hair, makeup, soap scum, toothpaste, and other objects that clog up the system. It is not uncommon for the sink drain to clog up.
Businesses such as restaurants, hospitals, and other similar facilities contain large floor drains that quickly gather water. Unfortunately, these drains also catch substances that can clog the drain pipe quickly in a restroom.
The tub also gathers hair and soap scum. Although the drain is designed to handle these types of substances, they accumulate and block the drain. When a tub drain gets clogged, it can be almost impossible to clear it out without calling a professional.
Do you have a dedicated shower in your bathroom? The Shower area also suffers from the accumulation of shampoo and soap buildup as well as hair and other objects.

Stars and Stripes Provides Drain Solutions

If you discover that one or more drains in your bathroom are clogged, Stars and Stripes can take care of even the most clogged drains. We have a proven system for clearing out any drain no matter how large or small the problem is.

Our drain cleaning technicians begin by inspecting your system. We use a drain camera to speed up the process. By using a drain camera, we can quickly isolate the issue and then come up with the right solution for removing the blockage.

If we are working on a sink, shower, or tub drain, we look for the access panel and then inspect the drains for any leaks. We then run a 20-foot drill down the pipes to clear out the blockage. We completely remove the blockage from the system. This method creates a long-term solution for keeping your pipes clear of debris.

With every job we perform, we want to make sure that the work is done right the first time. We also educate our clients on drain and plumbing issues to help you prevent problems before they occur.

Why Choose Stars and Pipes?

We understand that you could call any drain cleaning company in the area. So we thank you for your business. When you hire Stars and Pipes to clean your drains, here's what you can expect from our company:

  • Fast, efficient service
  • Professionalism in all areas of our work
  • Advanced drain cleaning equipment that helps us get the job done
  • Affordable rates with no hidden fees or costs
  • Inspections and cleaning performed by seasoned experts

If you are looking for a draining cleaning that you can trust with your entire plumbing and piping system, then contact Stars and Pipes today. We are Mounds View, Minnesota and the surrounding area's leading drain cleaning company.

To schedule service with one of our technicians, please call or text us at 763-350-3601. You can also message us on our contact page.

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