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$145 Drain Cleaning in Mounds View, Minnesota

Stars and Pipes offers comprehensive drain cleaning for homes and businesses in Mounds View, Minnesota and the surrounding area. Whether you need an inspection for your main or septic lines, or you experience clogged drains in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, we can identify the problems in your system, and clean out the pipes, leaving no debris behind.

We also provide 24/7 emergency service if you need help right away. To find out more about how Stars and Pipes can clear your home’s drains, call us today at 763-350-3601.

Drain Cleaning Services We Offer

Our certified and trained technicians can clean all types of drains such as:

Almost every bathtub has an access panel that allows us to easily see the drain beneath. We look for that access panel to the bathtub, check for leaks, and run a line through the vents of the drain to release the clog.
The best way to clean the shower drain is to take the grate off, run a drill 20ft, and then inspect the pipes for any leaks. Since shower drains are sturdier than bathtub drains, we can perform this service without any damage to the pipes.
Our process includes taking off the trap and running the drill 20 feet into the line. We then clear out the drain, take out the plug, and squeegee out the drain. Afterward, we run the line and clean out the pipes.
If you have a basement in your home, we will explore the pipes underneath the kitchen to see where the lines lead and how far they are from the main line. Our technicians then clear out the drain and run the lines with a 1-¼ inch blade.

Laundry Tub Cleaning

If you have a clogged drain, the water will rise to the lowest point. If it is not coming up on the floor drain, the blockage is in the laundry tub. If you notice your laundry tub is clogged, our technicians can help you clear the line so the tub can drain quickly once again.

To start the cleaning process, we will clean out the trap and run the line using a plumbing drill. This process is the most effective way of cleaning out the lint and other foreign objects. If necessary, we use blades to clear out the sludge if the blockage is filling up the pipes.

Air Vent Cleaning Service

In most modern plumbing and piping systems, an air vent (drain-waste-vent) is part of a plumbing system that removes sewage and greywater from a building and regulates air pressure in the waste-system pipes to aid free flow. In other words, it prevents pressure from building up in the system so that the water won’t back up.

We go to the basement, take off the main line and clean out the line all the way up to the roof. Inserting the camera until it clears out the entire blockage does this. If the camera cannot handle it, we use a cable to clear it out.

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If you live in the Mounds View, Minnesota area and need your drains cleaned, contact Stars and Pipes today. We offer a variety of drain-cleaning services for both homes and commercial buildings. Our work is comprehensive with long-term results so that you don’t have to worry about your lines.

To schedule service with one of our technicians, please call or text 763-350-3601. You can also message us on our contact page.

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