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Why Won't My Shower Drain?

The sewer drain cleaning experts at Stars and Pipes discuss some of the common reasons a shower might not be draining and talk about how our expert team can examine your pipes and get everything running smoothly once more.

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Signs Your Septic Line Needs Cleaning

The sewer drain cleaning experts at Stars and Pipes discuss some of the common signs that your septic line needs to be cleaned and talk about how we can help you clear out your septic line using our professional sewer cleaning equipment.

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Identifying Plumbing Sounds in Your Home

The rattling, banging, or whining in your plumbing system typically due to blockage or broken plumbing parts. To schedule an inspection of your plumbing system, contact Stars and Pipes.

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Why you shouldn't use liquid drain cleaner

The thought of only having to go out and spend a few bucks on liquid drain cleaner for a clog sounds pretty good compared to having to spend the extra money on a Drain Tech to come out, but this product does more harm than good.

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Tree roots do not go away!

Once you have tree roots, you'll always have tree roots.

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